Tabeze – The AJAX Domain Availability Checker

Looking for a domain? It sure can get frustrating when you enter 375 different ideas into a WhoIs service, only to find that they’re all registered.

While Tabeze can’t help you come-up with more ideas, it can help you check their availability easier.

Tabeze is a domain availability checker that allows you to, with the press of a key, open as many search boxes as you want. Type a domain (including the TLD) into a box and press enter, and Tabeze does the rest. You can open more search boxes so you can check more domains at once, or you can do it so you can leave positive results onscreen for later reference. There are many ways to use this innovative feature.

My biggest complaint is that, unlike normal WhoIs services, it doesn’t show alternate TLDs that are available. If I search on, it will let me know if it’s available, and mention whether and are available. Tabeze doesn’t do that.

  • Maulana

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