Poll: What type of domain do you have?

Your domains are arguably the most important part of your website. Without domains, well, let’s just say that search engines would be even more essential then they already are (you’d have to type IP addresses otherwise).

What type of domain do you have? Do you have a descriptive, keyword-laden domain? A misspelled domain like “Flickr.com”? Do you use a .com TLD, or do you use an alternate one? Answer the poll.

Don’t have a domain? Get one. They’re only $6/year. Before you go out and register a domain, be sure to read about naming your site and picking a domain.

  • http://www.ruelicke.net Marco Ruelicke.net

    When I got my TLD I tried to get the dot com, but unfortunately it is already in use.That site is a crappy site, maybe I’ll contact the owner and ask him/her if I can get the domain (last update on that page was in January 2007).

  • http://dragonsden.ntugo.com natman95

    I use a subdomain of someone else’s domain. :D

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    Webmaster-Source.com is a “Keyword-filled, .com TLD,” NTugo.com is a “Short, brandable name like ‘Yahoo’,” and I’m not entirely sure what category siteofrequirement.com falls under.

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