When Not to Call Yourself a Blogger

Have you ever told someone you’re a blogger? Have you told them that you make some money, however much it may be, blogging, only to have them look at you funny.

Plenty of people have stories about peoples’ ignorance of what blogging is. People still seem to think of them as online journals, and everything but the virtual equivalent to newspapers and magazines. If I tell someone I’m a blogger, or that I run a blog, people don’t seem to get it (they don’t seem to get why I would like dealing with HTML or PHP either…). They don’t seem get that you can actually make any money at all blogging. I jokingly say that I make $5 a month, and they think that’s great.

The solution? There are two things you can do.

  1. Combat blog-ignorance. Try to explain what a blog really is. Maybe you should carry some TopicCards with you?
  2. If you don’t feel like explaining, tell them you’re a “Web Publisher” or something of the sort. Make-up an impressive-sounding title that’s vague enough it won’t confuse people.