Newbie Tuesdays – Yea or Nay?

I’ve been considering starting a weekly column here at Webmaster-Source, and accepting guest posts for it, as well as long-term guest writers. Generally, I tend to write for intermediate to advanced bloggers, and newcomers to the field are neglected a little.

My idea is to, pretty much every Tuesday, have a post targeted at beginning bloggers. Is this a good idea? Let’s put it to a vote.

Poll Results

I would like to keep WSC’s reader base fairly broad, which means publishing some more posts for beginners, but I don’t want to make any decisions you may not like. I don’t want to become another blog trying to teach beginners from the ground-u (I very much prefer writing at my current level), but I do think a weekly tutorial/tip/etc for newbies is a good idea.

Please let me know what you think.

  • http://www, Kevin Muldoon

    It can be difficult pleasing everyone with a tips website. I think it really comes down to your audience. If your readers come across as advanced users then it might be worth continuing posts of that nature.

    Though it could be argued you won’t attract beginner’s to your site unless you start posting articles which interest them. :)

  • Matt

    “It can be difficult pleasing everyone with a tips website.”
    I know. That’s why I’m running this poll… :D

    I figure one post a week for newcomers is a good idea. I do think most of my readers fall into the more advanced side, but there are some who aren’t. Also it opens-up a guest-posting opportunity. Unless the poll takes a serious turn the other direction, I’ll probably go with it. Yes, most of the readers seem to be more advanced, but as Daniel from Daily Blog Tips has said, you don’t want to entirely exclude less experienced people. One newbie post per week is enough to help those readers become more advanced bloggers.

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