Poll: Image Host or wp-content/uploads?

When you add images to your blog posts, where do you upload them? Do you store them on an image host like TinyPic.com, or do you prefer to keep them on your own server somewhere?

There are advantages to both methods, and of course, disadvantages.

As of this writing, I put most of my images on TinyPic, though I’ve lately been a little worried about that. What if TinyPic decides to delete them? What if something happens and they lose a bunch of data? I happens. It would be lot of work to re-upload images and edit all of my posts, but it would be “safer.” Though on the other hand, I’d be storing more files on my server, and transferring more bytes as well…

I’m still undecided, but what’s your preferred method?

Poll Results

  • http://www.softinquiry.com Dan

    I keep my files (images, videos) hosted in wp-content/uploads. They load faster and i don’t need to worry about them being deleted or something like that…

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    A great move on your part, Dan. I’ve been worried about that lately, and have been thinking more and more about moving my images to wp-content/uploads.

  • http://www.gensantos.com bariles

    A friend was telling me to use Flickr to save space but it seemed like double work for me.  And yes, if I needed a bigger space, I just need to upgrade with my server.  Easy and simple.