Are You Pulling an April 1st Prank on Your Readers?

Today is April 1st.

Many sites take today as an opportunity to pull pranks on their readers. In addition to just being fun, this can stir-up some publicity. However, some people may not like it if you set-up a joke. Some people just don’t have a sense of humor…

Here are a few notable pranks from previous years:

Those are the most memorable ones (read: the only ones that immediately come to mind). has big lists of jokes from 2007 and 2006, if you want to look further.

So, are you planning a prank? If you are, please share it here.

Some 2008 April Fools Pranks

  • Ryan Block

    Unfortunately ours is not a prank. We really did receive that letter from Deutsche Telekom asking us to discontinue using the color magenta.

  • Matt

    Whoa. That’s so ridiculous, I thought It had to be a joke. Well, kudos for adding even more magenta then!