Hosting Coupon Codes

I was stumbling around yesterday, and I found this interesting site: is a big database of online coupon codes. They even have a large collection of codes for web hosts. I’m sure there are other areas of the site that may be beneficial to bloggers.

You can easily get 10% off some decent web hosts, if you know what you’re looking for, though you should be prepared to spend awhile looking. (Or you could just input some company names into the search box, if you want to be lazy.) also has a handy search box on their homepage that allows you to search for coupons by domain, as well as bookmarklets and Firefox extensions to help you find deals as you surf.

  • Hiram

    Or, couldn't you just get free hosting at a place like

    • redwall_hp

      You could, but in my experience it's not as reliable as a paid host. Also, a lot of sites eventually get to the point where they outgrow shared hosting. Sites like or TechCrunch would bring down a shared host in minutes.

  • Hosting Coupon

    I’ve noticed alot of companies doing the these coupon promotions. I know one thing for sure is that i can’t stand godaddy.