Killer Domains: A Guide to Finding a Great Domain

Daniel Scocco of recently authored an ebook called Killer Domains. I read it recently, and it was pretty good. It teaches you what goes into a good domain name, then walks you through brainstorming domain ideas. Also included are lists of prefixes and suffixes to try tacking on to a keyword, in an effort to get a short and memorable domain, and a collection of resources that come in handy when researching and registering domains.

As the ebook states, all of the three and four-letter domains have already been registered, and the five-letter ones are being taken pretty fast. (Lucky for me, I managed to get a good 5-letter domain…) While it may be tempting to run out and register a short domain like, don’t do it. Find a domain that fits Daniel’s “7 Characteristics Of Good Domain Names.” Get a short, brandable domain that people won’t have trouble remembering or spelling.

Of course, having some experience in such matters, I have a few things to add…

  • The ebook mentions the value of short, one-word “.com” domains, and recommends using the .com TLD as it’s the one people automatically think of when they type a URL. While I agree that you should try to get .com, sometimes you should go for an alternate TLD. If you had the chance to get a domain like, would you care that it wasn’t a .com domain? It would still be worth a lot, despite having a less-memorable TLD. Like the Pirates’ Code, it’s more of a guideline than an actual rule.
  • The book doesn’t mention a possible way to get a short and brandable domain. Misspelling it. Do Digg, Google, and Flickr ring a bell?
  • While there there was plenty of help in the book on the brainstorming of domain names, there is always more advice to be had. I have a little guide I wrote awhile back that may be of additional use to you. Naming Your Site: No, “Bob” Isn’t a Good Name covers several ways to find a good domain. Several of which are odd methods that virtually no one but me uses. Have you ever heard of someone using Boggle to find a domain? That’s where came from.

Overall, Killer Domains was a good ebook. It was an enjoyable read, and it was well written. If you’re in the market for a good domain, Killer Domains is definitely worth a look.