30 RSS Resources For the Feed-Addicted Blogger

Today is RSS Awareness Day (an idea of Daniel Scocco’s). The goal is to spread RSS, teaching non-bloggers about the technology, and showing them how it could benefit them. You can do this however you want. Simply post this video, or go beyond that.

Since a large portion of this blog’s readers already know what RSS is, I can’t really write a post like that, can I? I had to think of something else to do.

Bloggers are possibly the biggest users of RSS. Superbloggers, or A-List bloggers if you prefer to call them that, often have insanely large amounts of feeds in their aggregators, and check them throughout the day. They become addicted to their feeds, and absolutely have to check them at least once a day. But RSS makes it possible to keep track of so many sites. You have more favorite sites, since you have more time to check on them. If you’re not addicted to RSS feeds yet, you’re doing something wrong.

Here are some links for those of you who are addicted to RSS and want your readers to be as well.

RSS Articles

RSS Resources

RSS Readers – It’s always good to try something new