DHTML Color Picker

I was working on a project recently that required a color picker. It didn’t take long for me to find Colour Lovers’ free DHTML Color Picker. It’s easily the best color picker script out there (that I’m aware of).

The script is fairly easy to set-up, looks great, and it’s license-free. Colour Lovers hosts the script on their servers for your convenience, but it’s easy enough to download the JavaScript and CSS files if you prefer to keep things on your own server.

The picker works well in most browsers, and it works much like the picker in Adobe Photoshop. It’s fairly hackable too, if you want to customize it a little. Theoretically, you could take-out the RGB, HSV, and CYMK forms if you put your mind to it, for example. The script makes it easy enough to integrate into most forms (though I had to play around for awhile to get it working just right for me).

This is a good script, and well worth looking at if you ever need a color picker.