I recently came across an intriguing script while trying to find a fix for a CSS bug. It’s called IE7.js, and it claims “to make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser,” and to fix PNG transparency in IE5 and IE6 to boot.

Are you just a couple of scripts away from never again having to find a workaround for an IE CSS bug? Probably not. I haven’t had the time to test the script extensively, but the test pages look promising. It will make things a lot easier for you, but I doubt it will magically make everything work flawlessly in IE.

  • Climbing Narc

    Worked like a charm for me.  Just what I was looking for!  Thanks

  • Mathias

    Just tried it out, works ok here.

  • Nikk Folts

    I’ll have to try this at the office, it’d be great if it does work! Any update now that you have used it a month?

  • Matt

    @Nikk, I haven’t used it actively yet. :D I tried it out, thought “this is cool,” then forgot about it. I need to try it out on a serious project sometime before I have a good idea on how well it works.

  • Sam

    Thanks for the tip… I’m going to do a series of test with it and see if it really does what it “should” . Would be great to solve all of IE’s problems with one js.