Firefox 3.0 Testing

Firefox 3.0 is out now. If you’re a Firefox user, then chances are you’ve already downloaded and installed it, maybe played with some of the new features a bit. However, there’s serious work to be done, albeit quick work.

Whether you’re a regular Firefox user, or an advocate of another browser, if you run website you need to test it thoroughly in the new version of Firefox.

Changes were made to the rendering engine in Firefox 3, improving standards support by far (I believe it passes the ACID2 test?). Those changes, of course, will affect how pages are rendered. So go through your sites and make sure they look alright.

Need an example? Take a look at MVH Media. Here’s a screenshot from Firefox 2:

MVH Media Header (Firefox 2)

After installing Firefox 3, it looks more like this:

MVH Media Header (Firefox 3)

By the time you’re reading this, I’ll probably have fixed it. But it just goes to show that you should keep up with changes to major browsers. I’m glad I caught it early.