Firefox: Going Strong

On Firefox 3 “Download Day,” over 8 million copies of the updates browser were downloaded. And countless more copies have undoubtedly been downloaded since the end of the record-setting event. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Firefox accounts for an estimated 22% of internet users currently, which, sadly, is nothing compared to the behemoth Internet Explorer. Twenty-two percent…

After hearing about that rather large-sounding eight million figure, I decided to check my statistics to see what exactly that meant to Webmaster-Source. Take a look at these charts (from June 18 to June 19):

Firefox Chart

The first chart shows the browser makes of WSC readers. Firefox users account for over 65% of Webmaster-Source readers. Sure, this is blog is targetted at people who keep up on tech/internet related things, so it makes sense that Firefox have a…slight edge against Internet Exploder. I’ve been aware of this statistic for some time though, so let’s move along to the interesting part.

The second chart shows the versions of Firefox used by visitors to Webmaster-Source over the same two-day period used in the first chart. So of that 65% of readers who use Firefox, 44% of them are already on version 3.0…within three days of the release. The second largest segment of the pie is the prior Firefox version.

Now, what about the two days before the release? (June 14 to June 15)

Firefox Chart - Before Release

Just before the release of Firefox 3.0, nearly 70% of WSC’s Firefox users had 2.0.x, and 23% had Release Candidates of the upcoming browser update.

How’s that for explosive growth? Considering 34% of WSC’s Internet Explorer users are still on IE6…

IE6 vs IE7

Despite Microsoft having the power to force IE7 onto XP users’ computers (come one, what’s one more thing for people to complain about?), it’s not to good is it? Well, I suppose the library/corporate computers still running on Windows 2000 are unable to upgrade to IE7, but hey, they could make the switch to Firefox or Opera, couldn’t they? Oh, and did I mention I still see some IE5.5s in my stats once and awhile…?

All things considered, I think Firefox is doing pretty well.

  • The Tech Juice

    One additional reason that some corporate users are still using IE 6 is internal application compatibility.Many internal apps are only compatible with IE 6.

    Having said that, I still use Firefox 3.0 at my company. I’m able to get away with it for “testing purposes” as I work in IT doing internal technical support for Canada.

    It’s the same as companies who still run things in cobalt. Why upgrade if you don’t have to? Why spend that development cost and effort when it is for shine? Sure tabbed browsing is fantastic, in addition to other obvious features, but in an internal application environment, where the customers are the company itself, the only factor taken into consideration is usability.

    Anyways, that’s my morning rant.

    Go Firefox 3! :)

    Sean @