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MeeboMe From a Desktop Client

The MeeboMe widget allows you to easily accept anonymous instant messages from visitors to your website. It’s good for talking with clients and offering live tech support if you run an online business. It’s also a way to add some interactivity to a blog.

But it only works with Meebo though, right? Nope.

With a little work, you can setup your desktop IM client to receive MeeboMe messages. I will assume that you are using a multi-network client like Adium, Pidgin, or Trillian. This should work with any IM client that supports XMPP/Jabber.

  1. Create a MeeboMe widget and put it on your site
  2. Start the process of creating a Jabber (aka XMMP) account.
  3. Enter the username as, the password as your Meebo password. Put as the server.
  4. Find the option that makes your IM client not prompt to allow people to add you to their buddy list (otherwise you’ll get a request for every pageload on your site pretty much…). In Adium it’s “Presence Subscriptions” under the Options tab of the account configuration (set to “Accept”).
  5. Set the port to 5222

That should be it.

Box o’ Net Neutrality

I’ve talked about Network Neutrality here before, posting a simple explanation I’d written up. This time I’ve done something better. I’ve rounded-up a collection of videos on the topic. These Net Neutrality videos are worth a watch, whether you know what Net Neutrality truly…

WordPress Plugin: Lighter Menus

The worst part about navigating the WordPress Admin is waiting for page after page to load as you walk through the menus. Luckily, there’s a better way. Lighter Menus is a useful plugin (compatible with WP 2.5) that restyles the menus into JavaScript dropdowns…

Safer Contact Forms Without CAPTCHAs

This is by no means a new post (May 2006), but it’s still relevant. Nobody likes CAPTCHAs. It can be hard to decipher the letters and they’re annoying. They help keep the spam down though. Well, there’s a better solution than forcing people to…

40 Free Stock Photo Sites

The Web Squeeze has recently published a large collection of recommended places to find free stock photos. 40 Free Stock Photo Sites. Stock photos are very useful, and of course it’s nice to not have to pay for them. A well-placed photo can liven…

When Should You Post?

This question is asked so often. Is it just me, or is this a pointless question? Bloggers have come-up with theories that the best times to post are right before the start of most peoples’ work day, and around the time they get back…

BlogBuzz June 7, 2008

“Push-Button Publishing”

Anyone can have a blog, what with all of the instant blog services like Blogger and But just because they can have a blog doesn’t mean they should. I believe that it’s important that it be possible for anyone who has something to…

What the Mac OS Can Teach You About Design

The first thing most people think when they turn a Mac on for the first time is something along the lines of “Wow. This looks cool.” Then the next thing you notice, or more accurately, don’t notice, is the act of using the OS.…

Moving From Server to Server: A Guide to Switching Hosts

One day you’ll outgrow your $5 a month shared hosting account and need more resources to cope with all the Digg front page stories and StumbleUpon successes in addition to your large amount of search engine traffic. Or maybe your site is still fine…