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BlogBuzz June 21, 2008

Design Spotlight: Darren Hoyt Dot Com

Web designer Darren Hoyt recently redesigned his blog Darren Hoyt Dot Com.

WordPress Comment Styling

The default comments template included in the Kubrick theme, and by extension a lot of other freely available themes, isn’t very interesting. It suits the theme, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, ready for use in any theme. If you go through the trouble…

Design Spotlight: StylizedWeb

Today’s featured design is that of

Targeted Marketing With Bookmarks

No, not browser bookmarks, physical bookmarks. You know, the strips of paper you use to mark your place in a book? Here’s the idea: You print-up some bookmarks branded with your site’s logo and domain name. (You can do this yourself with an inkjet…

The Ultimate Sidebar

Do you know what one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is? Putting too much in their sidebar. Yes, I know it’s tempting to put as much as you can fit into that column that runs down to the side of your content, but…

Skip the Middleman: Monetizing Your Blog Without a Network

My guest post, Skip the Middleman: Monetizing Your Blog Without a Network, has went live over at Blogging Bits. Are you outgrowing AdSense? Looking to increase ad profit? Ditch the network and sell the ads directly to advertisers.


I recently came across an intriguing script while trying to find a fix for a CSS bug. It’s called IE7.js, and it claims “to make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser,” and to fix PNG transparency in IE5 and IE6 to boot.…


What should I write? If you have a suggestion, you can leave it via the new widget in my sidebar. (And you can vote on existing submissions as well.) This useful tool is provided

BlogBuzz June 14, 2008