What Does Your Computer’s Desktop Look Like?

You heard me. Do you have the default wallpaper up still, or did you find one online (or make one yourself)? Do you stuff as many icons onto the screen as possible, or do you prefer a less cluttered approach? If you’re a Mac user, do you keep a lot of icons in your dock? Post a screenshot here, if you’re willing to share, and tell us a little abot it.

A few days ago, Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips asked a similar question. I figured it would be fun to continue it, and see what Webmaster-Source readers have.

To get you all started, here’s mine:

  • The desktop background is something I found off Flickr a few weeks ago (sorry, I don’t have the URL. You may find it if you look through my Del.icio.us and StumbleUpon history though).
  • I only have two icons on the desktop currently, the Hard Disk icon, and a file of post ideas for Webmaster-Source. Sometimes there may be one-or two others there if I need to remind myself about something, or if I’m working on something and need a temporary place to store something.
  • I have Stacks for my Downloads folder, Home Directory, and Applications folder.
  • All the apps you see in my dock are ones that I keep there even when they’re not running. This is the state my dock is in when I’m not actively working on anything, pretty much.
  • If you look up at the Menu Bar, you’ll see that I try to keep the area by the clock fairly clean as well. I just have the essentials up there. GMail Notifier (with calendar notifications), InstantShot screenshot software, a mini to-do list app, and the standard icons for WiFi, sound, and battery.

Now it’s your turn. What does your desktop look like (your computer’s desktop, not your real-life desk. I don’t want to have a heart attack… :D )? Post a link to a screenshot, give us a few details maybe.

  • http://chenpn.com pelf

    My current wallpaper looks like this: