The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks [Book Review]

About a year ago, I purchased a copy of Sitepoint‘s book The CSS Anthology, which I enjoyed. While browsing through the “Computers” shelf in the local library’s New Books room, I came across a copy of The PHP Anthology.

This isn’t your garden variety teach yourself PHP-type book. This is intended for people who already know their way around PHP moderately well, and have some experience with it. Instead of teaching you the language, it’s a respository of “101 Essential Tips, Tricks, & Hacks.”

It’s a good book, informative and easy to read. It gives examples on how to deal with dates, secure your scripts, create thumbnails effectively, built an HTTP authentication system, and much more. While you can read the book all the way through (I did), it works well as a reference, and a way of learning some new techniques.

Like a lot of computer books, it’s a little pricey, with a list price of about $40 (though Amazon has new copies for around $25).