Some Useful Commenting Advice

Comments are one of my favorite parts of blogging. It’s nice to be able to give some feedback on a post you enjoy, disagree with, or have something to add to. You really notice how much you like having the ability to leave a comment when you read a site like The New York Times…because they don’t allow comments on their articles.

Commenting can help promote your blog subtly and effectively, but remember that comments are first and foremost about discussion.

What are some good practices to use when commenting? Here are a few articles on that note:

  • Matt R. @

    Thanks for posting those links.  As a newbie blogger I’ve been scowering the web for tips and advice and it’s great to have posts on one topic consolidated for easy reference!  My favorite part of blogging is having the ability to comment….and receiving comments on my own posts has been such a rush.  Horray interactivity!

  • Corey Freeman

    Thanks for the link! Glad you liked my post enough to use it. Commenting is definitely a big part of promotion if you use it correclty.

  • Matt

    @Matt R., I like revieving comments on my posts too. :D It’s especially fun when you get a nice discussion going and people keep returning to the post to read what people said after they commented, and responding again.

    @Corey I agree that commenting can be a good way to help promote your blog, so long as it’s done correctly and not in a spammy way. Your post seemed to do a good job at getting that point across.

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