New Opportunities at Pro Blog Design

Michael Martin has just redesigned his blog Pro Blog Design. Along with the new design comes a few new opportunities for you. Opportunities to promote your site, and make some money.

First off, Michael has 125×125 ad space now. They’re available for $45/month, and the first four buyers get them for $30 instead. (Two out of four have already sold, so the offer won’t last long, sadly.)

Now is Michael selling out all of a sudden and filling PBD with ads? No. Before you start complaining, listen to what Michael has to say for himself: “The money from the adverts is not for me. It will be used to help pay for other writers to write articles for Pro Blog Design.” What was that? Paying other writers?

The second opportunity is guest posting. Michael will be paying guest writers $50 per post. He’s looking for posts on WordPress, design advice, usability, and resources. Authors get s short bio and a link to their site at the bottom of the post. Not bad, eh?

And if you haven’t subscribed to Pro Blog Design yet, I highly recommend that you do.

  • arcanist

    hmm, yeah real pro

  • Michael Martin

    Thanks Matt. I’m glad you approve of the changes. It seems to have gone down well with most people. :D