Amazon Auto Affiliate Linker

Prolific plugin author Joost de Valk has put together a WordPress plugin that’s simple in function and insanely useful.

Are you a member of Amazon Associates? Amazon’s widely-used affiliate program can be an effective way to monetize a blog, especially if the blog publishes book reviews, or something of the sort. However, it’s a bit of a pain to, when writing a post, traipse over to, log in, and go through the menus to generate an affiliate link, search for the product you want, and paste the resulting URL into your post.

Enter Amazon Auto Affiliate Linker. Install the plugin, tell it what your Associates ID is, and go back to blogging. Now you can skip the Associates dashboard when you write posts. Just go to to search for the book, and copy the URL to the product listing. From there you can use that ordinary URL in your post, and the plugin will automatically add your Associates ID when you press publish. Simple, I told you.

  • Gossip

    You makes me wanna try amazon aff. program, days ago I ve just bought a book from them, perfect!

  • Jayne

    How in the world do I add my affiliate link? I can't figure out where my ID goes! Heeeelp! ;)

    • redwall_hp

      It's in Settings->AmazonAutoLink.

      • Jayne