Who Hosts the Top 100 Blogs?

“Who is hosting this?” is a tool that lets you enter a domain name and see who hosts the site. Kind of fun to play with, and a useful research tool if you’re in the market for a web host.

The makers of the tool have put together a list of the Technorati Top 100’s hosts. That’s right, a list of the web hosts used by the top one hundred blogs on the internet.

The list kicks of with a chart showing the most-used hosts by the Top 100, along with some commentary, and follows it up with a complete list of the blogs and the hosts they use.

No surprise, Media Temple is the most-used one. Media Temple’s users are very loyal and numerous, and they’re famous for their quality service and support. So I’m not at all surprised that they’re sitting atop the chart.

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    Technorati is not so accurate, e.g. my Gossip blog is out of that, :)