Free Image Galleries: A Gallery of Galleries is sort of a “gallery of galleries.” It’s a WordPress site, in the style of a photo gallery, that rounds-up scripts for displaying photos.

The site is fairly new, but there are already three pages of entries.

At a glance there appear to be some good gallery solutions in the archives, and the tag cloud is a nice touch too—it seems like a good way to find a gallery solution that fits your needs. If you needed a MooTools-based gallery, for example, all you’d have to do is click said tag in the cloud, and voila, relevant entries. A very nice use of a tagcloud.

The biggest shortcoming of the site is the lack of an About page (as of this writing). There’s a link to such page, but all it displays is the default “This is an example of a WordPress page…” text. Oops. I’d either remove the page, or put a short intro to the site on it.

Some work needs to be done, but so far it’s a good effort, and an interesting concept.