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The Mobile Web Part 6: 7 Useful Mobile Site Resources

Over the past five days we have covered quite a few bases in the mobile website area. In case you missed them, you can find the posts here:

I think it’s about time to bring this series to a close, with today’s post “7 Useful Mobile Site Resources.” I have to admit, the biggest reason I wrote this series was because I recently got my hands on an iPod Touch, after far too much waiting. I’ve been thinking about the topic for a long time, well before I got the i’Touch, since before I was seriously considering buying one (since the first generation Touch came out).

Now, where should you go from here? Following are a few resources that you may find useful.

1. Mobile Web Development by Nirav Mehta

Mobile Web Development is focused on non-iPhone mobile sites (I’m not sure if it even mentions the iPhone). It’s fairly current, having been published in 2008, and covers a broad array of topics in it’s 216 pages. It covers WML and WAP, XHTML MP, sending text messages (SMS) via server-side script, PayPal Mobile, Interactive Voice, and a few other things.

I haven’t tried out any of the examples or anything, but I read through the book, and it seems to be good overall. It’s an easy read, and shouldn’t take much time to get through.

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The Mobile Web Part 5:

While I was looking for some extra iPhone-formatted websites to round out yesterday’s list, I came across iPhone Microsites. The site caught my attention, so I figured I’d make it part of the Mobile Web series. iPhone Microsites is based entirely around the “iPhone…

The Mobile Web Part 4: 14 iPhone-Formatted Websites

Welcome to day four of The Mobile Web. We’ve previously covered a lot of ground on the subject of mobile websites over the last few days. Today will be lighter reading though. Who’s up for a design roundup of mobile websites? What are some…

BlogBuzz September 27, 2008

The Mobile Web Part 3: iPhonitizing Your Site Sans MoFuse

In part two of the “The Mobile Web” series, I covered MoFuse, a service that automatically generates (and hosts) iPhone and WML versions of websites for you. Today we will be doing something a little more interesting. Today we will be putting together iPhone-formatted…

The Mobile Web Part 2: Mobilize Your Site the Easy Way

There are many ways to create a mobile version of your website. You can do it manually, use a WordPress plugin, or let MoFuse do it for you. Today I will cover the easy option, MoFuse, and follow-up this post with the more advanced…

The Mobile Web Part 1: Why Go Mobile?

The mobile web is growing fast. More and more people are browsing the web on the go, besides at home on their computer. Now is a good time to put together a mobile version of your site, so you don’t miss out on the…

WordPress 2.7 Feature List Finalized

The features coming in WordPress 2.7 have finally been set in stone. In addition to the UI changes, which have sparked much debate recently, there are a number of welcome additions to the feature set. The ones I’m most excited about are: Automatic upgrade…

jQuery Plugin: Jcrop

A lot of web apps these days involve images. Twitter, Gravatar, Facebook, you name it. For avatars, sharing photos, or whatever, user-submitted images are a big part of the modern web. Now, suppose you’re building a web app, and you want to allow a…

The BOSS Mashable Challenge

A couple months ago, Yahoo released a promising new search API called Yahoo Search BOSS. It allows you to query results from Yahoo’s servers and display them how you want, reordering them even. No hard query limis are in place either. It’s pretty awesome.…

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