The Mobile Web Part 4: 14 iPhone-Formatted Websites

Welcome to day four of The Mobile Web. We’ve previously covered a lot of ground on the subject of mobile websites over the last few days. Today will be lighter reading though. Who’s up for a design roundup of mobile websites? What are some good examples of iPhone-formatted websites? (I won’t be rounding up any WML sites, since style and WML are pretty much mutually exclusive.)

Here are some good examples of iPhone-specific pages.








Google Reader


Remember The Milk

Retail Me Not

Ta-Da List


Weather Underground

Bonus #15: Engage Interactive

I just found this design in time to stop the clichéd presses. It’s unique because it makes use of the iPhone’s orientation to show different content. In portrait orientation the designer’s blog is shown. Turn the device on one side to see the portfolio. Flip it over to the other horizontal position to see the about page. You have to try it to believe it.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for the next installment in “The Mobile Web.”

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  • Imar

    Hey man, long time. Thanks for all the mobile articles, very cool. I am currently working on a big mobile project, what an eye-opener it has been. I have to say, your perception that “style and WML are pretty much mutually exclusive” may be a little cynical. The mobile web places a lot of constraints on design, but those boundaries are the challenge! Maybe you should reconsider and do a roundup of well designed mobile sites.

  • Matt

    @Imar: Cynical, that’s me. :D (And yeah, it’s been a long time.) Maybe my statement about WML sites was a little harsh, but I really hope we’re moving away from that sort of mobile site. The iPhone is a start, and other manufaturers will follow with similar devices, which will hopefully become cheaper eventually. I don’t know about a roundup of WML-type sites though. Maybe I could highlight a few sometime (I know of a couple at least that look okay), but not right away. I’d like to take a little bit of a break from writing about mobile sites first. :D