OpenID has been starting to gain more traction lately, with more and more large companies (e.g. Yahoo, AOL, MySpace) starting to become OpenID providers. (Though irritatingly they don’t allow you to use another provider’s OpenID to log in to their services…) I still think the concept has some flaws, which probably can be rectified, but I don’t want to turn this into another opinion post.

WP-OpenID is a plugin that integrates OpenID into WordPress. Once installed, it opens up a couple uses for OpenID with your blog. Accounts can be linked to OpenIDs, and should you select the option, people will be able to enter an OpenID to leave a comment, rather than entering an email and name. I like the idea, since it makes commenting quicker and easier, but there’s one flaw. You enter the ID into the URL field in the comment form, so your name will link to your OpenID URL instead of your blog. The remedy is to delegate your OpenID.