Featured Premium WordPress Theme: Papercut

Every month I highlight a free WordPress theme that caught my eye. In addition to that (I posted this month’s WPTOTM yesterday), I would like to give a shout-out to a premium theme this month.

Papercut is a premium theme by the new WooThemes site. It’s got a nice look, five different styles to choose from (via a settings page), Gravatar support, a cool post layout on the front page; and not only does it have room for 125×125 ads, it has a built in ad manager function. (Though I still recommend a certain alternative 125×125 manager:D )

The theme is set up to make it easy to upload and resize images for post thumbnails as well, a rather nice visual touch. (A thumbnail goes a long way to liven up an otherwise bland post excerpt.)

The theme costs $70 for use on a single site. A little pricey, but definitely cheaper than hiring a designer. It’s also a great starting point to build your own more unique design. I’ve seen some really cool designs that have been based of premium themes. (I was going to hunt around for a couple links I’d saved, but it looks like the WooThemes people have put together a showcase.)

You can view a live demo of the theme here. If you’re the sort who buys premium themes (I know a few of you do), consider using my affiliate link.