Preparing Your Blog For Easy iPhone Usage

I’ve previously talked about scripts that make it easier to develop iPhone web apps, or parse blog RSS feeds into a format easily navigable format for the iPhone. But that’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

What if you just want to make your WordPress-powered blog easy to use on the iPhone? Pro Blog Design has the answer. It covers the usage of a WordPress plugin to automatically reformat your blog for iPhone users, as well as how to create custom Web-Clip icons for your site.

Reading text off a colored background isn’t always a great experience at iPhone level, and given that very few people on a small screen are going to read your ads, there is little gain in showing them.

The iWPhone plugin provides a clean, simple interface that’s easy to read from. It also has a pretty cool feature where tapping anywhere on the content of an excerpt will load the post page.

However, the iPhone web browser is great. The vast majority of sites look great on the iPhone, and yours is probably one of them. If so, keep your custom design. It’s much more unique and much more memorable than the iPhone theme will ever be.

You may or may not want to go through the trouble to do it, and it’s not necessary for a lot of blogs. But if you run a blog updated multiple times a day, with content that people want to see right when it’s added (news comes to mind), you definitely have a situation where the iWPhone plugin could be useful.

Read the full post for the rest of Michael’s info and tutorial.

  • Michael Martin

    Thanks for the links Matt! Getting ready for the iPhone was easy enough really. For tech-y blogs like ours, it’s probably well worth doing I think! :)

  • Matt

    @Michael I’d like to iPhone-itize most of my sites eventually, but I want to get my hands on an iPod Touch first. :D

  • Ryan Stubbs

    Thanks for that, Matt. :) It’s a pretty nice looking theme and it’s exceptionally good on the eyes. I’ll probably get round to testing this on my phone; the Samsung F700 which is similar to the iPhone. It’s a good feature of a website that you know that you cater for all visitors.