3 Flash Web Players For Audio

Do you produce podcasts, or otherwise make use of audio files on your website? Here are a few Flash players to enable your listeners to easily stream audio from your server.

JW FLV Media Player

Jeroenwijering’s player is one of the wider-known ones, and one of the first. It plays MP3s, AACs, H264 video, FLV video, and it can even stream video from YouTube. It’s very customizable too. Get it here.

1 Pixel Out Audio Player

This one is very popular among WordPress users. It’s available as a WordPress plugin or as a standalone solution. It’s very compact and simple. Get it here.


Dewplayer is the “new guy.” It’s lightweight and compact. It comes in three versions with varying amounts of buttons. Get it here.

  • http://www.yanix.net Ryan Stubbs

    The first one isn’t that easy on the eye but it probably works just aswell. The second two are pretty nice and if I ever had a podcast, I’d use the last. :P One day…

  • http://wp-premiums.com PJ

    I don’t think it’s a Flash-based solution, but I also really like the Yahoo Media Player. It’s really easy to set up, and looks great too.