CMS Critic Interviews Matt Mullenweg

CMS Critic has interviewed WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, asking him a few questions about Automattic and WordPress.

CC: There have been numerous articles touting WordPress as the future of Content Management Systems. What is your view on this? How do you define content management and how it relates to your platform?

MM: I’m not crazy about the term content management. I don’t wake up and say “I want to manage some content today!” I want to blog. I want to podcast. To the extent WordPress is a competitor in the CMS space I think it’s because we try to re-examine common assumptions that traditional bloated CMSes make.

Click through to the full post for the rest. It’s an interesting and fairly quick read. I wish Mullenweg had talked a little more about WordPress 2.7 and his overall plans for the future of the platform though.