Browsershots is a service that, as the name suggests, can show you screenshots of what a website looks like in a multitude of browsers and conputer configurations. (If you’ve already heard of the service, sorry I’m boring you to death. :D )

You can select from a wide variety of browser makes and models, choose from four operating systems, and then specify further parameters such as resolution and color depth.

It’s a great concept, and a useful service I’ve used on more than once occasion. (Now I know for sure that Fantasy Folder looks right in pretty much every fairly modern browser, save for some PNG transparency issues in IE5-IE6). The only problem I have with it is it takes at least 20 minutes for them to process a group of twenty screenshots, and then I only have ten more minutes to look through them before they expire and are deleted (unless I click the Extend button to get a few more minutes). Maybe I’m a little impatient, but I don’t think more than three to five minutes of waiting should be necessary.

Anyway, if you don’t happen to have twelve different computers to test various configurations and browsers, you’ll probably appreciate Browsershots.