10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.7

Technosailer has a new post up titled 10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.7. It covers some of the biggest changes coming in the new version of WordPress that’s just around the corner, and gives some good commentary on then. It tells a little bit about each, why it’s important, and what you need to know about it.

The saga of cheatsheets and reference sheets continues with this outline of the hot new WordPress 2.7 which will be released soon. Like WordPress 2.5, this is a radical release. Like WordPress 2.5, the bulk of the changes affect the WordPress admin. Unlike WordPress 2.5, however, this is not merely an update of the backend but a complete rebuilding.

The post talks about the most glaringly obvious changes, such as the revamped Dashboard and radically different navigation, as well as less talked-about, yet nonetheless interesting, things such as

  • QuickEdit
  • Threaded comments (and what you need to to do start using them)
  • New template tags
  • Comments API