Anti-AdBlock Plugin

Thaya Kareeson, maker of the useful WP Greet Box Plugin, has just released Anti-AdBlock, a WordPress plugin that detects if the user is running the AdBlock Plus extension for Firefox and displays a message “humbly asking them to support your website by turning off their AdBlock software.”


The plugin allows you to customize the message to be displayed and the accompanying image. The box will, by default, log a cookie to prevent the box from showing again after the first visit, though you can set it to show more than once. Also, the message can be set to not display until a user has visiting more than X pages on the site, and it is set to a reasonably high number by default; a nice touch.

The message cannot be blocked very easily with AdBlock, as the most recent release incorporates a random ID for the message DIV to prevent people from simply adding “adblock_message” to their block list and stopping the plugin on a web-wide basis.

The plugin seems to be light-weight, and the message isn’t too bothersome. (Then again, I don’t run an AdBlock filter, I just selectively disable ads…)

I can think of another interesting way to use the plugin: Instead of just displaying a “humble message,” perhaps it would you could add a “Donate” button. My opinion is if someone’s going to block your ads, they should be compensating you for your work in some other way. Do you think it’s cheap to run sites such as Envato’s NETTUTS? Considering they pay out $150 to the writers of their tutorials, I would say it’s a huge disservice to them to block their ads.

I have mixed feeling about AdBlock, but I do think that the filter subscriptions that most users of the extensions install are overly sensitve. This plugin is a nice way to remind ad blockers that they are slowly undermining the internet by blanket-blocking ads.

  • Thaya Kareeson

    Hi Matt,
    Thank your review of the Anti-AdBlock plugin! You ARE full of good ideas. Depending on the blog, you might be better off nudging the user to make a donation instead of disabling AdBlock. Maybe I should have an option that lets you do such a thing.

    • redwall_hp

      Maybe. My line of thinking is if you're going to be adamant on not seeing ads, you should probably be paying something.

      • Sarah

        Anonymouse SSL is not free only non-SSL, so you’re still getting the proxy aywnay. Basically you are anonymous to the Website you visit and anyone legally requesting traffic logs from them, but you are not anonymous to anyone intercepting (sniffing) the traffic between the Website and you. I believe they could see your IP address this way.

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  • Trinifieds

    Hey, I have tried your plugin and it doesn't seem to work on my website. Would it matter if wordpress is installed in a directory other than the root of the domain?

  • FilesCash

    Sir i have try ur plugin and it wokring

    can u tell me why ?

  • sport picks

    thank you for this anti adblock plugin


  • jacksen

    Sir , can u please make a script for blogger.?

  • Thrawn

    I use ABP, but without subscribing to any filter lists, so I just use it on-demand if I find images offensive, or for other interesting purposes like disabling Google Instant.

    However, being security-conscious, I also use NoScript, so 99% of ads – and this anti-Adblock script – won’t run. Even when I think that a site is worth supporting, I can’t forget that third-party advertising has been compromised before to deliver malware…I’m reluctant to let my guard down.