Poll Results For “Are You Running WordPress 2.7 Yet?”

poll-wp2point7-upgradeBack in mid December I asked whether those of you who ran WordPress whether they had upgraded to version 2.7. The results are in, if a bit late.

I have determined, with the help of our informal survey, as well as from monitoring other bloggers’ reactions, that WordPress 2.7 is one of the quickest-adopted versions of WordPress ever, if not the quickest. In fact, 2.7 had been downloaded over 1,170,655 times at the time of this writing.

A commenter on the original post echoes my thoughts on why this is. Mainly that it was “more widely tested than previous releases,” fewer plugin authors were unprepared when the final release came around, and that automatic upgrading was added, meaning that future updates would be a lot less painful.

Congratulations, WordPress contributors; you’ve done well on this release. I’ll keep my few minor quibbles to myself for today. :)