Automattic’s latest site, WordPress.tv is quite interesting. The site, described as “Your Visual Resource for All Things WordPress,” is an attempt at putting together a central place to find quality WordPress-related videos.

So far it’s mainly short beginner-oriented tutorials and clips from WordCamp, though it will eventually have all the videos they can round-up. Judging by what they’ve done so far, they will be adding existing videos from around the web, by using Vimeo/YouTube/etc embed code snippets, in addition to their own clips.

On the design end, it looks pretty good; it’s kind of a combination of the WordPress.org design and Hulu, with a dash of YouTube. The videos are sized nicely, plenty of information to the right, and threaded Gravatar-equipped comments underneath. It’s very clean, and (big surprise) it’s all powered by WordPress.

The site looks promising. I will definitely be checking in now and again to see how it turns out.