Google Responds to Criticism of FeedBurner Migration

As you may already know, Google has set a deadline for you to migrate your feeds over to their new system tied to your Google Account. The move hasn’t been as smooth as it could have been so far, and there has been much criticism over it. I’ve certainly done my fair share of complaining. (My stats were at 20% for several days, and 1and1 complains that the CNAME for MyBrand is too long.)

Mashable was granted an interview with Steve Olechowski, co-founder of FeedBurner turned Google employee. The Q&A session ended with fifteen answers to frequently asked questions about the transition. Sadly, many of my questions have been left unanswered as of yet.

A very large percentage of the blogosphere uses FeedBurner to cache their feeds, so this topic is one to watch. The service fits well into their business, and should open up some interesting opportunities in the future, and quite possibly the widespread adoption of ads in RSS feeds.

Read the full Q&A at

  • Dean Saliba

    Thankfully I had no problems when I moved my three feeds over but then again I don't have as many people subscribed as others (my highest is about 35).

    I hope you get your missing subscribers back soon. :)

    • redwall_hp

      They're back now, like the day before this post went live. It was a bit freaky, since feed count is one of the few stats I pay attention to with regularity.