Compare Your Site With the Competition

Have you ever wondered how your site stacks up against its competitors? Most people don’t make their traffic stats available to the general public, though doing so can attract advertisers…

That’s what is for. They use some secret methods to estimate site traffic, and allow you to compare sites against each other. It’s accuracy is pretty good too. I compared a graph of Webmaster-Source’s unique vistors over the course of a year with the same time frame from Google Analytics. The results were close enough.

It’s dead-easy to use Compete. Just input your domain and a competitors’ or two. You get a graph like this back: Graph of Webmaster-Source and Pro Blog Design

The default graph shows unique visitors over a period of one year. You cna switch it to pages per visit, “attention,” average stay, or if you pay for premium service, pageviews. It also offers some other interesting figures, such as high-traffic search keywords and growth. You can embed graphs on your website too, such as on an “Advertise Here” page.

It’s on, Michael. :)