Why the Whining About WordPress Updates?

Photo by ttkgeek.

Photo by ttkgeek.

It seems that whenever a new WordPress update is released people complain about it. They moan about it being a pain to put in a few minutes of maintenance time, and they whine about the updates coming too often.

You would think that the automatic updater introduced in 2.7 would put a stop to that, but no. Apparently it’s too hard to click a couple of buttons and wait 20-40 seconds for the server to transfer, unzip, and install the new version. The complaints seem to be fewer now, but they haven’t disappeared.

I don’t know about you, but I think the WordPress release schedule is good. They put out bug fixes quickly, and major releases aren’t too far apart. Why do people criticize WordPress for putting out releases too fast? I like my blogs to be secure and bug-free, and I like trying out new features when they are released.

If there were fewer WordPress updates, I would bet that people would complain that there weren’t enough, and that the developers weren’t doing enough to keep things secure and stable.

Quit complaining. If you’re not already on WordPress 2.7, install it. Then you can can forget all about updating until the little orange bar appears at the top of the screen every now and again. Then you can click it and install the update in under three minutes and get back to work.

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    You are complaing about complaining people? lol j/k
    The automatic update is super awesome