Design Spotlight: LyricSift

LyricSift Orange

Shifted Frequency has put out another cool little web site. This one is called LyricSift. It’s a quote engine that displays random music lyrics along with the title, album, and artist.

Lyric lovers, rejoice! LyricSift is a great way to discover new music, based on inspiring lyrics submitted by lyric lovers just like you.

It’s a neat idea. I like quotes of all sorts, and this site puts a nice twist on the “random quote” idea. The design is simple and interesting, with one killer touch: The background, like the quotes are, is randomized. Every time to load a new quote, the script picks a different color from it’s array of choices.

LyricSift Greyish

LyricSift Green

The design is very versatile, being able to adapt to different colors without much trouble. It appears to be achieved with PNG alpha transparency, so graphical elements such as the sidebar background and the gradient behind the text will work with the changing background color. A wonderful trick, though hopefully a hack is in place for IE6, seeing as it has dismal PNG support.

A site like LyricSift is practically guaranteed to be profitable. It’s a fun toy destined to be a hit on StumbleUpon and Reddit, and the convenient links to iTunes, Amazon, and pages (the first two being affiliate URLs) would likely net a reasonable amount of money.