The Highest-Earning Web Companies and Blogs

What are the highest-earning blogs? What web companies make the most revenue annually (or per second)? has put together a couple of posts rounding-up the top thirty of each. The lists are not necessarily all-inclusive, but they give a pretty good idea of where the sites stand.

Can you guess which website has the highest annual revenue? Google! They make $21,800,000,000 a year…or $691.27 per second. Amazing, isn’t it? Amazon is second on the list, followed by Yahoo, then eBay, MSN, PayPal, and then iTunes. comes in thirtieth, with a whopping $175,000,000, which is nothing to sneeze at.

On the blogging side, TechCrunch is leading with $200,000 in monthly earnings. Mashable comes in second with a comparative value. Envato’s Tuts+ Network comes in at #8, with Smashing Magazine right behind. Quite a few recognizable names on the list.

If you’ve wondered what your favorite blogs and businesses make, these lists should give you a rough idea. Quite fun to look at.

  • Dean Saliba

    Google make around $21,800,000,000 a year?!

    I need to hit them up for a job and quick! :P

  • nicolas lee

    its crazy money, and the majority of people would never say the internet to be one of the best jobs u could have. y cant i earn just 1000 a month? i mean how hard can it be to scrape jus .0000001 % off one of the internet companys monthly income….i cant actually get my sweed round it.

  • Atif Javed

    i hope that i would be one of them