Mozilla Announces Firefox For iPhone

Firefox Icon on iPhone Home ScreenMozilla has announced that Firefox will be coming to the iPhone soon, this summer if there are no major delays.

The browser, dubbed “iFox” internally, is a fairly full-featured port of Firefox with a full implementation of the Gecko rendering engine and the TraceMonkey JavaScript processor. It is extensible via an add-on API similar to it’s desktop cousin, and it is bundled with an exclusive mobile version of Flash.

Apple has been working with Mozilla to bring the app to the platform in a way acceptable to both parties. It will land in the App Store as a free application.

P.S. April Fools!

  • Thaya Kareeson

    Darn… You got me there. I was about to comment:

    "Nice! I hope it's not an April Fools joke"

  • redwall_hp

    Did my Photoshopped iPhone home screen lend any credibility to the article? :)

    I put it together a couple months ago while waiting around somewhere without internet, and it ended up being my April Fools joke.

    • Thaya Kareeson

      Heh… Didn't notice the Firefox icon.

  • redwall_hp

    I imagine the real deal would look a bit more polished, but it's good enough for the casual observer.

  • Muari

    had me fooled

  • Jenny devio

    Ilove my iPhone. But I hate safari. Im used to firefox and typing is a pain in the ass on the touch screen. I love the apps but I miss my windows mobile phone.

  • thomas huert

    ha you rod. i actually searched all around google for ifox until figuring it had to have been canceled. then i came back here and noticed the comments. nice play.

  • NOYB

    He he, should have known it was a joke when it said: it is bundled with an exclusive mobile version of Flash. It was too good to be true… Firefox and Flash, yeah right, since when did Apple approve apps people actually want?

  • @Kusadasi

    Are you sure it will be free?

  • Doktor

    Yes and its already in the app store

    • Zarion


  • Bum has knife

    Hes being sarcastic…

  • Evan


  • Doug

    Not funny :(

  • John

    That was great! I did a google and then came back to read more. You need to get with George Noore for that TRex story ! ;- )

  • Abe

    wow either this joke was way to nerdy or it just wasn't funny… FAIL

  • bob

    wow this app works great, so much better than safari.

  • Goooy

    Omg I can’t find download link ,, where is it ?

    • Nate

      Lmao dude it’s a fake

  • Angry reader

    Sadface, i already thought it was real :(

  • Adam

    The internets+April 1st=Rage!

  • Genie

    goddamn i was checking and checking in appstore and could’nt finde anything and just check the comment its a f*cking april fool hehe

  • Burrrrrrp!!!!!!

    well there is a mobile version of firefox, but it does nøt wörk õñ thë ïPhøńë.

  • Bruno

    found this google-ing firefox for iPhone… Oh how I hate April fools day!

    • Matt

      It’s been more than a year, and it’s still fooling people. :D

  • Towely McTowelington

    LOL, its now April 2010 and the only non-safari alternative is Opera (blurhg…) So obviously there are “major delays”…. Bummer, I like Firefox and would have loved to see it and flash on the iPhone

    • redwall_hp

      Note: April 2010, and this was published a year ago. Hint, hint. :)

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  • Imadumbass

    Googled it and looked for it in the app store, sad…

  • Chris Y.

    You suck.

  • hawaii

    it’s under firefox for iphone

  • hawaii

    i.e. firefox home

    • Matt

      That didn’t exist back in 2009. Mozilla just had to go and ruin my April Fools joke…

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