Display Your Latest Tweet on Your Website

More and more bloggers are displaying their latest postings to Twitter on their sites, most frequently in the sidebar.

There are WordPress plugins that can accomplish this, such as Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin. Then there are the simple widgets offered by Twitter themselves. But with such an extensive API available, wouldn’t it be more fun to do it yourself?

Joost de Valk has an article that explains just how to Easily display your last Tweet.

The code snippets are simple, and are intended to be used with the WordPress platform, as they rely on Snoopy to fetch the data, and the WP Options functions to cache the tweet (you can only make 100 requests an hour, remember?).

The Twittter API is fun to play around with, so go wild and customize Joost’s examples before using them. You could make a modification to automatically turn URLs into links. You could pull your current avatar and display it next to the tweet.

It wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun to just use a plugin, would it?

  • http://ineeddiscipline.com/2008/07/04/19-blog-review-networks/ Dean Saliba

    I was wondering how to do this last night. I need to check my RSS feed more often!

    Good article. :)

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