Domainr: Give Your Domain Search a Happy Ending

Domainr is a useful domain-searching tool that helps you find available “domain hacks.” You’ve probably seen URLs like,, and before. Domainr helps you find them.

I’ve always liked unusual domains like that (domains in general are fun to register). Domainr makes it ridiculously easy to find suitable ones. Just enter a word and you’ll have a list of possibilities in seconds.

Domainr is now near the top of my mental “cool domain tools” list. If you’re looking for a memorable domain, it’s worth trying out.

  • ezg

    I like this tool and it actually gave me few great ideas for domains.
    The best thing is, that workd really fast.
    By the way, you forgot to add link to so I had to search for it in Google.

    • redwall_hp

      I thought I had added a link… Thanks for pointing it out; I'll update the post.

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