Group Interview of Designers on Personal Projects recently interviewed eight designers in a fantastic group interview. Chris Coyier, Collis Ta’eed, Todd Garland, Jon Phillips, Chris Spooner, Adii Pienaar, Jacob Gube, and Adelle Charles gave their answers to a series of questions, most of them about personal projects.

Many designers and developers get the itch to work on their own projects in addition to doing client work or a full-time job. For some this is just a creative outlet without the restrictions that come with client work or being an employee, and for others it is a chance to make an additional income. Part-time projects can even turn into a full-time income in some cases.

I enjoyed the end result. It’s a very informative post, and the designers certainly had plenty to say in response to the questions. Plus, having read blog entries by many of the designers, talked with them on Twitter, and used some of their products, it was even more interesting.

Group Interview On Designers and the Pursuit of Personal Projects [