WordPress 2.8 Beta 2 Released

The second beta of WordPress 2.8 has been released. If you develop plugins or themes, it’s about time to do some testing. ;)

From the looks of things, I project that the final release should be available sometime this June. We may see another beta and a release candidate before then, but it won’t be long now, I don’t think.

As usual, you shouldn’t install it on a production blog. There are bound to be bugs. If you have an extra database handy, feel free to install a test blog and try it out though. This Codex page has an overview of some of the things coming in 2.8.

  • http://computerworldit.blogspot.com/ Denver

    Seems like wordpress is keeping up its promise by giving the best of feature with every new release.

  • http://ineeddiscipline.com/2008/07/04/19-blog-review-networks/ Dean Saliba

    Does anyone have a demo going around? I'd like to check it out but am too lazy to install a test blog. :P