Tweetie for Mac: OSX-Native Twitter Client

I’ve been trying out Tweetie for Mac lately. It’s a Mac OSX-native Twitter client with a very nice, polished interface. It has many of the features of Nambu, but it lacks the instability that Nambu tends to have from its current “beta” status.

Tweetie supports multiple Twitter accounts, and let’s you switch between them with a cool vertical slide effect. It offers the usual basic Twitter functions (friends timeline, mentions, direct messages) as well as some streamlined search abilities, including the ability to save favorite searches that you frequently track.

Tweetie for Mac Screenshot

Tweets are composed in separate windows, which are launched when you press Command+N. This is supposed to keep the composition tools out of your way until they are required. You can have multiple windows open, so you could write more than one tweet at once (though one wonders how often you would do that).

Several URL shorteners are supported, and you can pick your preferred service in the settings.,,, Digg, and TinyURL are among the ones available.

Tweetie Composition Dialog

As is customary with Mac Twitter clients, Growl notifications are supported, as is the changing of the Dock and Menu icons to signal that new tweets have been recieved.

Some other noteworthy features are iChat-style threaded DMs, the ability to double-click a tweet to see the conversation leading up to it, and a bookmarklet that launches the Compose Tweet window with the current URL preloaded.

Tweetie is free, but some occasional ads are slipped in between tweets. You can remove them for a fee of $20.

I’m really starting to like Tweetie. Now if only it could somehow sync with its popular iPhone counterpart…

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