Poll Results: How Many Domains Do You Have?

In mid-March I posted a poll asking the question “How Many Domains Do You Have?” The results have been interesting.

The “2-5″ option recieved the most votes (35%), and “20+” was the second most popular option (23%). After that came “6-9″ (18%), “10-15″ (10%), and “1” (8%). The least-voted options were “Do I have to count them all…?” and “16-19,” with 5% and 3% respectively.

Poll Results

I particularly found it interesting that the most popular choices were two to five domains and more than twenty. They do seem to add up though, don’t they? After you start a couple of websites, you kind of become addicted to domain registration. You start to think all the time “Hey, that sounds cool; I wonder if it’s available as a domain…” :)