Detect a Visitor’s Browser in WordPress

WP Recipes has a neat WordPress trick. Apparently WordPress has a few variables ($is_gecko, $is_IE, etc) that are set to either true or false depending on which browser a visitor is running. Coupled with the body_class hook, you can add a class of the browser name to the <body> tag.

function browser_body_class($classes) {
global $is_IE, $is_iphone;
if ($is_IE) {
$classes[] = 'iesux';
elseif ($is_iphone) {
$classes[] = 'iphone';
else {
//let's not add a class for normal browsers...
return $classes;

This could potentially be useful for fixing those annoying Internet Explorer issues without resorting to CSS hacks.

How to detect the visitor browser within WordPress [WP Recipes]