Bigger Ads Coming Your Way Soon, Courtesy Big Media

Back in March I wrote a post about the Online Publishers Association’s plans to foist ginormous banner ads upon the masses of people who haven’t yet given into using ad-blocking software.

Well, they’re on their way now. CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, and the New York Times are among the large publishers that will soon be serving-up the supersized ads. (Forbes certainly has enough ads already…)

Suffice to say, I am not happy about these absurd ads. The “less is more” approach is what ad networks need to be moving toward, not hitting you over the head with a sledgehammer. The “pushdown” ad format, which “opens big to display the ad and then after seven seconds rolls up to the top of the page,” is 970×418 pixels when opened up to its full size. That’s nearly 80% of my 13″ widescreen laptop’s vertical real estate. And you, Mr. Publisher, want me to stare at that ad for seven seconds before it closes, letting me read your content? I don’t think so. Considering I already avoid articles on “mainstream media” sites, preferring the content from smaller, more relevant blogs, I’m not going to put up with that.

Though I’m not exactly a heavy AdBlock user, applying a selective approach to blocking ads, rather than subscribing to an overly aggressive filter, these are certainly going on my list.

  • Dean Saliba

    Although my blogs have a lot of ads I do listen to my readers who will tell me if one is too intrusive. I'm actually about to get rid of Kontera due to the feedback of the readers.

    From reading this post (and another one you did before) I think these ads will be far too big and intrusive so I'll steer clear of this company.