WP.com Step 1: “Get WordPress”

Automattic recently acquired WP.com for their WordPress.com hosted blog service, as you may remember. They still don’t seem to have quite decided what to do with it, aside from redirecting it to WordPress.com. Users seem to want their blogs to be available as subdomains of the new domain, and some want it to be used as a URL shortener for their posts.

It was recently discovered that there’s a new subdomain of WP.com now, get.wp.com, that was put up to help dispel the awful confusion surrounding WordPress. (i.e. WordPress vs. WordPress.com) The new microsite helps newbies differentiate between the two, albeit with a strong bias for WordPress.com.

So this is the first thing that WP.com is being put to use for. Nothing major still. Let’s hope that Automattic finds something useful to use it for. It’s a nice domain.