Camtasia for Mac

TechSmith has finally released a Mac screencasting application. Camtasia for Mac is not a port of the popular Camtasia Studio software, but an entirely new application that has many of the same features, but has its fair share of differences.

Camtasia for Mac

From the feature set, it seems like its placing itself as a competitor to ScreenFlow. The interface looks good, and the SmartFocus feature sounds intriguing.

The software sells for $99 from Camtasia at the present, though it will increase to $149 after December 31.

  • Blaine Moore

    Having just purchased a MacBook Pro, I was pretty excited to see Techsmith was coming out with Camtasia (I'd been on their site earlier this week to see if they had a Mac version of Snag-It – that's still in development.)

    I'm trying to decide between Camtasia and Screenflow right now, but am leaning towards Camtasia just because I am a fan of Techsmith products.

    • redwall_hp

      I've been tossing around the idea of purchasing some screencasting software in the future. (I had been looking a Screenflow before Camtasia came out.) I'm not ready to make a purchase though, as my ad situation is a little unstable at the moment, and I have a few other expenses to take care of soon. I like that they're keeping the $99 price tag until December.

      Let me know how the software turns out. :)

  • RyanStubbs

    As I don't have a Mac, it's pretty hard for me to compare but feature-wise, Screenflow looks the better software and if I did have a Mac, I would probably buy it.

    I also watched the demos for both and was overall impressed more by Screenflow than Camtasia. I'll stick with Camtasia Studio for Windows for now but if I do upgrade to a Mac, I'll probably get Screenflow.

  • Carlos Varela

    Screenium is the best! camtasia is not really good the quality of your videos when you export, i prefer screenium is simple, with iMovie is better :)